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Nine Lives of Chloe King

English  |  Family & Green
When Chloe King turns sixteen she discovers she is descended from an ancient race, the Mai. She soon learns of her new found cat like powers which include super human speed, night vision, super hearing, agility, retractable claws, and that she now has nine lives just like a cat. Upon discovering that someone is following her, Chloe also learns she is the descendant of an ancient race called the Mai and just might be responsible for protecting her race from the human assassins which have been on the prowl for them during the past thousands of years. Skyler Samuels (Wizards of Waverly Place) is Chloe King, who had quite a sweet sixteen birthday present. Amy Pietz (Caroline in the City) plays her mother, Meredith King. A single mom, Skyler raised Chloe by herself although she is from the Ukraine and was brought to the U.S. by a man who adopted Chloe and may also know about her and the super powers she has gained. Now Chloe has a heavy responsibility if she is to save the world, including both humans and the Mai race.
Season:Episode Title Queue
S01:E10  Beautiful Day    
Season 1 Episode 10: Beautiful Day   
Beautiful Day (44:15)   
Bad Guys (00:38)   
Photo Booth (00:54)   
Road Trip (00:44)   
S01:E09  Responsible    
Season 1 Episode 9: Responsible   
Responsible (44:45)   
The Latest Plan (01:01)   
The Paycheck (00:31)   
Prince Charming (00:42)   
S01:E08  Heartbreaker    
Season 1 Episode 8: Heartbreaker   
Heartbreaker (44:27)   
Alley Cat (00:32)   
Love (00:44)   
Secrets (00:55)   
S01:E07  Dogs of War    
Season 1 Episode 7: Dogs of War   
Dogs of War (44:10)   
Alek and Chloe (00:29)   
Almost Kissed (00:36)   
Heartbroken (00:48)   
S01:E06  Nothing Compares 2 U    
Season 1 Episode 6: Nothing Compares 2 U   
Nothing Compares 2 U (44:06)   
Friday Night (00:58)   
Sucker Punched (01:26)   
Watching Amy (01:15)   
S01:E05  Girls Night Out    
Season 1 Episode 5: Girls Night Out   
Girls Night Out (44:02)   
Back To School? (00:58)   
Brian Calls (01:22)   
Just Looking (01:30)   
S01:E04  All Apologies    
Season 1 Episode 4: All Apologies   
All Apologies (42:52)   
Obstacles (00:48)   
Rain Check (01:35)   
Super Hearing (00:39)   
Catch Up To Chloe King (01:53)   
S01:E03  Green Star    
Season 1 Episode 3: Green Star   
Green Star (43:09)   
Is This Seat Taken? (00:48)   
Mom, Meet Alek (01:03)   
Unexpected Visitor (00:54)   
S01:E02  Redemption    
Season 1 Episode 2: Redemption   
Redemption (44:32)   
S01:E01  Pilot    
Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot   
Pilot (44:02)   

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