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2011 Mar 11, Add new Source

Jane Eyre

English  |  Drama
Jane Eyre a classic movie in every sense of the word… Based on the classic book by Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre the movie (2011) is a period romance that explores the characters life as defined by stages. Jane is first abused, both physically and emotionally, by cousins and aunts while residing at Gateshead. School days at Lowood find her acquiring friends although she misses out on a lot of her youth. Later Jane becomes a governess at Thornfield Hall where she falls in love with Edward Rochester, her employer. Jane Eyre was written as a first person type story so is somewhat an autobiography with darkness and social criticism. It does make a good “read” however, as there is a strong sense of morality in this young woman in spite of all she’s been through in her lifetime.
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