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2013 Oct 04, Add new Source


English  |  Sci-Fi & Fantasy
The storyline of Alfonso Cuarón’s psychological sci-fi drama Gravity (2013) revolves around the destinies of two astronauts on the extraordinary pivotal points of their lives. Dr. Ryan Stone is a newbie in the space. She’s an awesome DNA-biology specialist and her mission is to perform some experiments in the outer space while staying at the space station. She accompanied by Matt Kowalsky, an experienced space veteran, whose mission is to provide technical assistance to Dr. Ryan Stone. It was their ordinary spacewalk. They were observing the breathtaking views of Earth, when Space reminded them that it is definitely not a pleasant place for sightseeing. A horde of space junk has bombarded their space station and destroyed it while they were in outer space. They were lucky enough not to be inside, but how long they survive outside, with no radio connection with Huston space center and limited oxygen supply on their space suits? When fear turns to panic, an every additional breath decreases both their lifetime and chances to survive. Dr. Ryan Stone is portrayed by Sandra Bullock, whose filmography includes such a brilliant roles as Leigh Anne Tuohy in The Blind Side and Gracie Hart in Miss Congeniality, while Matt Kowalsky is played by George Clooney (The American, Ocean's Friends franchise, From Dusk Till Dawn.)
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