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2011 Mar 11, Add new Source

Red Riding Hood

English  |  Drama
The original fairy tale story titled Little Red Riding Hood was a cautionary tale filled with darkness and scary wolves but seemed mild compared to this up-dated version. Produced by Leonardo DiCaprio and with a stellar cast including: Amanda Seyfried (Big Love, Mama Mia), Gary Oldman (The Dark Knight, Planet 51), Julie Christie (Glorious 39, Finding Neverland) and Billy Burke (Twilight, Fringe). Valerie is our Red Riding Hood who lives in a medieval village where a werewolf stalks its prey. She falls in love with a woodcutter who is beneath her as far as her parents are concerned. They had planned on her marrying into wealth and comfort with Henry (Max Irons) but she defies them. When Valerie’s sister is killed by the werewolf the town asks a famous “werewolf hunter” (Oldman) in to destroy the monster they’ve feared for decades. How can this beast be found when it takes on human form in daylight and could be among them at any time? Now the death toll will rise with each passing full moon.
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