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2011 Apr 01, Add new Source


English  |  Comedy & Humor
For the legions of loyal Easter Bunny fans who have been long convinced the dentists’ best springtime friend has not enjoyed nearly enough big-screen face-time, a tragic victim of the movie industry’s pro-Santa preference, Hop brings a welcome measure of relief…maybe. Hugh Laurie does the voice of Easter Bunny, Sr., in this CG/real-life mash-up; Russell Brand lends his vocal talents to “E.B.,” the Big Rabbit’s prodigal son, who has run-off to Hollywood in hot pursuit of his career as a drummer, and clearly in the game for more than hard-boiled eggs. In fact, Hop enjoys one distinct advantage over the truckload of CG/real-life hybrids currently headed your way: it has a decent plot and a well-crafted script. E.B. was supposed to take-over the family business when he split; and when Hollywood turns-out less than rewarding, he fakes injury from a car accident, imposing his own slacking self on another L.A. slacker, whom E.B. entrusts with the business of saving Easter. James Marsden plays Fred, unrepentant slacker and reluctant host. Kaley Cuoco, Elizabeth Perkins, and Chelsea Handler add depth, style, and spice to Hop.
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