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Yerkir Media

Armenian  |  News & Politics
With much to offer viewers Yerkir Media TV has a wide and diverse schedule of programs within their daily listings. Watch such outstanding programs as Barev Yerkir which translates to mean Good morning country, The show provides interesting topics such as live conversations, video on a various issues and is geared toward viewers such as elderly people, housewives, and children, either hurrying to work or to school. Or perhaps Hraparak (Square) is appealing for its focus on public issues of importance as well as constructive discussions and hot debates. Erkri harcy (Country issues) follows important topics of the present day by way of face to face interviewing with no restrictions and focusing on culture, diplomatic, sporting events, as well as governmental and political events. Interested in what people are eating around the world? Watch Araratyan Khohanots TV (Ararat cuisine) and see world trained chefs prepare food that is unique or traditional, learn while enjoying the tastiest snacks you can learn to make yourself. Jazz Hour offers music in the category of Jazz presented by Armen Tutunjyan, the jazz man himself. With so much diversity Yerkir Media TV is sure to please all who watch.

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