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While WUWF, the television station representing the University of West Florida, does get a small amount of funding from state and federal grant money, the bulk of its financing is derived through multi-million dollar funding and with contributions from the local listeners and through funds provided from the University of West Florida. The late Dr. Thomas K Perry help found WUWF in 1981 with the intention of it becoming a way to promote and influence local arts while offering the entertainment value of things such as the Pensacola Jazz Festival, Pensacola Cultural Center, Pensacola Museum of Art, and Great Gulf Coast Arts Festival. Several historic theaters and museums have been renovated through the funds gathered in support of them, making WUWF responsible for bringing in those funds in large amounts. Look for some entertaining programming on WUWF. Up for some pilates? Check out Pilates core training or perhaps the classic arts showcase interests you. Maybe Watchtower productions or Alternate Focus: Universal Jurisdiction will spark your interest or imagination. There is something for everyone on WUWF at any time of day or night which can also be streamed via the internet.

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