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WHBR is a Christian television channel in Pensacola, Florida and part of the CTN (Christian Television Network). CTN’s WHBR broadcasts Christian inspiring religious programming wide-targeted on all the generations: Pure Passion, Increasing in the Word, We Got Next, MXTV, Time of Refreshing, Bloodstream, Leslie, Hale, Worship for Kids, Door of Hope, Sonshiny Day, Victorious Living, The Plumb Line, Spirit Formed, Hayford, Becky's Barn, Rheema Praise, Gospel Bill, Keith, Joy Junction, Moore, Gina D's Kids Club, Creflo Dollar, Dr. Wonder's Work- shop, Gospel Country, Dooley and Pals, Tommy Bates, Animated Bible, Coffee Club Live, Walk on Water, Christian Worship Hour, God's Great Outdoors, Pastor Harold Salem Increasing in the Word, Dr. Mike: Changing Your, Reality Gospel Legend, John Ankerburg, The Carter, Zola Levitt Report, Gerbert, Dooley and Pals, Antidote, Gina D's Kids Club, Quick Study, Bill Gaither Homecoming, Homekeepers with Arthelene Rippy, The 700 Club with Pat Robertson, Beverly Exercise, Herman and Sharron, Joyce Meyer Daily, BeleiversWay with Scott & Missy, Kenneth Copeland - Believer's Voice of Victory, Andrew Wommack, The Great Awakening, You and Me with Pastor Richard Dortch, Bill Gaither Homecoming, Charles Vance: Empowered Church and John Hagee Today.

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