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Venezolana de TV

Spanish  |  News & Politics
Venezolana de Television SA (VTV) is the state most popular television network owned and operated by the Venezuelan government, with national 24/7 coverage. Most of the channel programming is original is almost always showcased in live mode. The official average audience rates are 10-12%, according to the official statistics, although foreign critics say that VTV covers only 2% of national TV users. The channel was launched as a private station in Caracas, and began broadcasting in the VHF frequency under the name of Cadena Venezolana de Televisión, CA (CVTV). Despite its name, however, it was not a national television because the lack of transmission power. This situation changed by the end of the 1960, when the signal transmitters appeared in major Venezuelan cities. Between 1974 and 1980, VTV was fully funded by the state, experiencing an expansion in coverage which allowed him to be watched across the country. However, due to budget cuts since 1980, it was authorized to transmit advertisements to obtain additional financing. This scheme was abandoned since Hugo Chavez was elected as the president in 1999. Now Venezolana de Television airs commercial-free national and international economic and political news, covers both domestic and world major cultural events, features sports live reportages, and produces wide range of original science and health programs.

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