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Armenian  |  Entertainment
The entertainment quality is very high with US Armenia TV! Viewers can expect to see many top ranking shows including the funny ones like Simpsons, Family Guy, and Friends. Also watch The Daily Show and many others provided by such well known television stations as NBC, the WB, and Comedy Central. A wide assortment of news, informational, and entertaining shows have been watched around the globe and now Armenians in America can also see what’s happening and what is worth watching, in their own language. Cell phone web streams and internet connections make it possible to view a wide assortment of high quality programming from any location, and at any time of day. High quality programs, which are repeated throughout the day, are available for viewers who can then select when they want to view their shows. News is always important and keeping up to the minute is easy on US Armenia TV. High Definition Digital quality makes the viewing even more enjoyable and most programs are now presented in full high digital quality.

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