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Spanish  |  Education
Television stations emanating from colleges and universities have one important ingredient in common, they are a place to learn and a place to show off what one has learned. The Spanish language channel known as URJC TV is the heart and the voice of the University Rey Juan Carlos broadcasting from Spain. A wide variety of programming can be found on this channel including music and news. Nature as well as technics are also to be found when the programming is streamed live onto a computer. Many newer television sets have an internet ready connection that enables the live streaming of programs directly onto the TV set and so making the immense assortment of fine programming to be viewed and enjoyed on a home television. Preserving the fine quality programming found on television stations at many university or college campuses is vital to the growth of any community and helps many budding young students with an interest in film production or any other facet of the world of TV and video is to be encouraged. URJC TV at the University Rey Juan Carlos is dedicated to their students.

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