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The average Tucson resident regularly struggles with the proper spelling of “saguaro,” the unique cactus that grows only in the Sonora Desert. They know, though, they can learn to spell—and care for, and protect, and photograph, and botanize, and generally celebrate—their saguaros at Tucson 12, the locals’ destination for all things Tucson. Arguably the most impressive civic channel anywhere in the known universe, Tucson 12 “is the award winning local TV station that reflects, informs and inspires the community it serves.” Broadcasting twenty-four hours every day on both Cox and Comcast, Tucson 12 offers an impressive, wonderfully diverse array of programs developed to showcase “the diverse civic and cultural landscape of the Southwest's most unique City,” Tucson 12 earned that trophy case full of awards, offering high-quality locally produced series and features that frequently rival the best of the networks’ long-form pieces. Tucson 12 has earned more than one hundred programming and technical awards, including recognition from the New York Film Festival and a whole case full of Emmys. The Tucson 12 staff takes greatest pride in its recognition as NATOA’s “Station of the Year” and “Excellence in Government Programming” ten of the last fifteen years.

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