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Tros Sterren

Dutch  |  Entertainment
TROS Sterren is the digital version of TROS TV network, a Dutch broadcaster which itself is a part of part the Netherlands Public Broadcasting Network established in 1964 by a group of local entrepreneurs unsatisfied by quality of those days TV station’s programming. They begun to air world popular TV series and soaps via small transmitter installed on the top of oil-drilling platform. Therefore the channel has grown drastically and developed into an modern day TROS TV channel available worldwide via satellite and across the web as TROS Sterren live. Current TV programs on TROS are: Andre Rieu, Yardbirds At Its Best, Banana Split, Barbapapa, The Best Singers In The Netherlands, Eénvandaag, Eurovision Song Contest, Cops Maastricht, Kids Top 20, Lingo, The Most Beautiful Girl In The Class, Tros Music Festival, National Contest, Be Light!?, Eel Soap, Tros City Game, Tros Radar, Tros Straight, On Land, Sea And Air, Too Good To Be True, Tros Tv Show, Tros Missing, Zoovenirs And Zappsport.

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