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The Voice TV Finland

Finnish  |  Music
The Voice is a Finnish music channel broadcasting primarily music television shows such as One artist - Three hits, 50:50, Deja Voice, The Voice Top-10, 100% Rock, We Love Music, The Voice Party, Your Voice, Killer Karaoke, The Voice in the Mix, Super Sexy, Voicela. The Voice TV's programs include: The Morning, a resuscitation program, which airs on weekdays from 6-10, the program monitors recent news and events of radio, television and the Internet industries; Parents Are Calling, DejaVoice Hits; New videos Rapporteur Voice novelties; Just a Bunch of Rock Videos, featuring100% Rock; Voice Special; Killer Track, a program, dedicated to the domestic amateur and karaoke music scene; and Top Bands and Artists Live Gigs.

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