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The Church Channel

English  |  Non-profits & Activism
The Church Channel is the one of most developed US-based Christian television channels. The main idea that stands behind of the channel programming is to encourage all the local American churches to produce religious content by they own and present it on The Church Channel. Those videos vary from simple worship recordings to religious documentaries produced by enthusiastic collectives of most involved churches. Located in Nashville, Tennessee, The Church Channel broadcasts live some worships and schedules of church services of many local churches. In the internet you watch live The Church Channel programming with closed-captions; and here is the sort list of The Church Channel’s most popular programs: Prophetic Whisper, Times of Refreshing, Creating Your World, The King Is Coming, Touching Lives, Victorious Living, Pastor Charles Cowan, New Life - Jacksonville, Faith That Lives, Good News Today, Victory in Grace, Love Special, Alternative Health, Life Today, Rabbi Jonathan Bernis - Jewish Voice, Destiny Today, Life Change, Gospel Truth, Paula White Today, Behind The Scenes, Enjoying Everyday Life, Ron Phillips from Abba's House, This Is Your Day, Praise the Lord, Atmosphere for Miracles, Manna-Fest, From His Heart, A Miracle for You, It's Supernatural, Faith Now, The Place for Miracles,World Impact, The Urban Alternative, The Jewish Jesus, Ron Hammonds Presents, Carroll Roberson, Carroll Roberson, Jack Van Impe Presents, This Is Your Day, Times of Refreshing and Bridging the Gap.

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