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Tele Aruba

Dutch  |  Entertainment
Today Arubans can watch Tele Aruba TV live and lively via the internet and live streaming capability gotten from their computers iphone, android or internet ready TV sets. Since 1963 the station has provided a wide and diverse schedule of programs, designed specifically to please as many people as possible through 25% cultural programming and 75% locally chosen programs. With the ability to stream the channel live via the internet viewers can be assured of watching what they want at almost any time of their choosing. View famous celebrities on talk shows, game shows from around the world, serial type programs for those who care about the private lives of others in dramatic situations, and comedy plus variety programming that truly please each and every viewer. High quality programming is repeated throughout each day so that viewers can select when they want to view their shows. News, always important to be live and current, while keeping up to the minute is easily found on Tele Aruba Live TV. The addition of High Definition in digital quality makes the viewing even more enjoyable than ever before and most programs are now presented in full high digital quality.

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