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TeleSURtv En Vivo (La Nueva Televisora del Sur) is a Latin American television channel based in Venezuela. TeleSUR was founded and sponsored by Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Uruguay and Venezuela in order to express an alternative opinion about world news and events opposite to major USA- and Europe-based TV stations such as CNN, BBC, DW, RT. Such well-know persons as Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Eduardo Galeano and Saul Landau are participating in creating TeleSUR’s policy and agenda. Richard Stallman (world first free-software provider) and Danny Glover , American actor, are Among the TeleSUR advisory councilors, as well. In 2006 TeleSUR established content partnership with Al-Jazeera that sparked a wave of negative reactions from USA Congress, which declared this act as "a forming of global television network for terrorists and other enemies of freedom". Nevertheless, TeleSUR’s other partnership relations with such the TV channels as BBC, CCTV and IRIB has not been the object of discontent from the U.S. TeleSUR features diverse programming, both news and educative. News programs on TeleSUR represented by “Noticias desde el SUR”, broadcasting from Caracas and covering major news of Latin America region; “Reportajes teleSUR”, providing up-to-date analysis of main world news; “Dossier” with Walter Martínez, covering international news; and “Impacto Económico” featuring Business and economical bews and led by Mario López; Educative programming on TeleSUR features “Destino Latinoamérica”promoting tourism in Latin American countries; “Sones y Pasiones” documentary series about Latin American music artists; “Vamos a Conocernos”featuring interesting cultural, geographical and historical facts of Latin American countries; “Vidas” about surviving the poverty in Latin American countries; and “Memorias del Fuego”, independent documentaries about Latin America contemporaries.

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