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Arabic  |  News & Politics
With a world wide audience, Tamadon TV is proving to have the allure and variety to please viewers around the globe. First introduced in 1974, Afghanistan television soon became popular even though it was just government owned originally. Soon television centers were starting up operations after construction was completed thanks in part to a grant from the Japanese government. Today there are some seventy five television channels in operation in Afghanistan and the future looks to be bright for TV programming coming from the area. With more forward thinking people involved in the entertainment industry currently in Afghanistan there is much to look forward to in the area of television, movies, and musical programming. Top quality programming is available on Tamadon TV including top rated movies, reality television programming, up to the minute news programs, and informative talk shows that have much to talk about. Let Tamadon TV be your door to all that is informative and newsworthy.

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