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TV Gwinnett

English  |  Non-profits & Activism
Gwinnett TV is the government TV channel of Gwinnett County, Georgia established and run by Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners. Gwinnett TV mission is to inform citizens about government activities, current affairs, local news and events. The channel features lots of own-produced programming like: Eye On Gwinnett: Gwinnett County News, Gwinnett County Public Library Overview, Georgia 4-H, Vision - Gwinnett Now and Tomorrow, Eye On Gwinnett Extra: MLK Day Celebration, Senior Services Center Ribbon Cutting, Recorder's Court: Judge Rodney Harris Swearing In Ceremony, Gwinnett Technology Forum: Growing In A Recession, Sugarloaf Parkways Extension Ribbon Cutting - Phase II, Staying Active in Gwinnett - Gwinnett Senior Citizens, REPLAY - Board of Commissioners Public Hearing, From If to When: The Reality of the Pan-Flu Threat, Gwinnett Technology Forum: Transformation of Healthcare I.T., Gwinnett Reads: Sara Gruen, Presento Mi Caso, Pandemic Flu: Individual and Family Preparedness, Medical Reserve Corps, Dangerous Work: Trench Safety, Septic Tank Maintenance Workshop, The Challenge of Stormwater Runoff, The Gwinnett Force: Cyber Bullying, Growing In Gwinnett: Mental Wellness, Meth Impact Seminar, Detention Pond Maintenance Workshop, Rain Gardens for Home Landscapes, I Present My Case, People Helping People: Mentoring, In The Fight, Gwinnett Reads: Sara Gruen and Army Newswatch.

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