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English  |  Arts, Science & Culture
Since 1987 Clark Atlanta University (CAU) has been the home of a refreshing educational public access TV channel and provides viewers with quality programming on a 24/7 basis within the Atlanta city limits and beyond. Also serving Atlanta University Center and southwestern Atlanta Georgia is the CAU-TV production training center that gives students the opportunity to learn from experts as they complete their college requirements. CAU-TV hires and pays trainees as well as offering intern programs and teaching through volunteer programs. You can find working at the facility students from Morris Brown, Morehouse, and Spelman Colleges where they learn the ins and outs of how to produce programs. The avid learners may be paid or work on the job as interns. Programming options include African Heritage, It’s My Dream, Think Talk, Real Talk with Kietta, plus news, entertainment, jazz and so much more. As a channel providing government access TV23 is the place to view local government meetings as well as informative and educational programming that is free to the public and has much to offer viewers. Look for the Pentagon Channel overnight.

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