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TVRM Educational

Romanian  |  Education
TVRM Educational is a Romanian terrestrial and satellite TV channel, the part of TVRM Network, which consists of another one channel, TVRM Cultural, additional. The channel’s motto “Priveste Spre Viitor” (Looking to the Future) describes bests its content policy. TVRM features mostly educational programming: Cronica scepticului (Skeptic Chronicle); Ilinca Dumitrescu and his guests; Stele de maine (Stars of tomorrow) hosted by Dimitru Lupu; Parofi Press with Nicolae Iliescu; Nimic fara lege (Nothing Without A Law), led by Florin Fainisi; Teleamfiteatru USH; Agricultura si Alimentatia (Agriculture and Nutrition) TVRM-edicina, directed by Dr. Constantin Dumitrache; Stagiunea muzicala (Musical Season), presented by Stela Cristea; Comorile orasului (Treasure City) by Cezar Lungu; Stele de Maine (Stars of tomorrow) with Dimitru Lupu; Contrapunct (Counterpoint), hosted by George Marinescu and Simona Serban; Academica – Stiinta (Academic – Science) with Alexandru Mironov; and Haretistii, led by Mugur Popovici.

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