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TVRM Cultural

Romanian  |  Arts, Science & Culture
Located in south eastern Europe, Romania is home to TVRM Cultural TV. It has a huge following including those who appreciate being cultured through the media of television. The variety of culturally influenced TV found on TVRM is vast and covers most any subject their loyal viewers ask for. Sports and plenty of singing, dancing, and how-to programming satisfy viewers who choose to tune in. Romania is a unique and highly cultured country where the native language is one of the “romance” languages spoken nationwide by around twenty eight million people. Culture has been formed by the fact they reside at a meeting point between three regions which are the Balkans Eastern Europe and also Central Europe, making the area uniquely a melting pot for well cultured people who appreciate the fine arts in all of its forms. The influence over television viewing preferences is obvious to those who choose to watch TVRM Cultural TV and those who watch keep up with all aspects of the arts and entertainment portion of their lives.

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