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Polish  |  News & Politics
Launched back on the ninth of August in 2001 TVN 42 has been the premiere news channel that broadcasts twenty four hours every day. As part of the TVN Network it has gained widespread popularity, particularly after the USA was attacked September 11, 2001 as the newly formed channel gave thorough coverage of the tragic events happening on that day on a 24 hour basis. With wide coverage in all digital network platforms, TVN24 can be found nearly world wide through live streaming and on the Dish Network in Germany and the USA. TVN Meteo, a weather oriented channel is also part of the TVN Network as is Fakty TVN newscasts. The fact that TVN24 is in operation all day every day allows them to have coverage whenever major events happen. When the tragic airplane crash killing Polish President Lech Kaczynski and his wife, along with everyone else on board a Polish Air Force aircraft (a Tupolev Tu-154M), in April 2010 TVN 24 was able to provide ample coverage of the disaster. And the death of Pope Paul II had widespread coverage between TVN and TVN24 and their wide broadcast range.

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