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Maltese  |  News & Politics
With a mixture of sports, entertainment, news, children’s programming, and magazine programs TVM has it all! The schedule is diverse and filled with plenty to keep viewers well entertained around the clock if the choose. A government grant as well as commercial ads keep the channel funded and many of the programs are from PBS (Public Broadcasting) in both Maltese and English languages. Much of the viewing selections are derived from the BBC and viewers can expect to find Thunderbirds, The Worst Witch, EuroNews, Keeping up Appearances, Miss Marple, and Rosemary & Thyme on the schedule each week for well rounded listings from which to select. EuroNews is of particular interest to those who only speak English and wish to keep up with world events on a daily basis. The government of Malta owns TVM and that means PBS Ltd and it has been in operation since 1962 under previous names MTV, Malta TV, Malta Television Services, and Xandir Malta. While the British influence is strong the programming is aimed for the Maltese audiences who reap the benefits of it being Malta owned.

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