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Turkish  |  News & Politics
As the international TV channel in Turkey, the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation, also known as TRT Turk TV is where most Turks tune in to see what is happening in the world both locally and abroad. A wide variety of programming is available to please the most discriminating viewers. Programs range from drama, entertainment, music, cultural, and education related fare with or without commercials. One of the tasks that TRT Turk TV is committed to is the promotion of the Turkik World and to produce with other Turkic Republics in mine, allowing others to participate in the viewing schedules and programs. The common language is Turkish and so that is the primary language used on TRT television with the addition of subtitles in various foreign languages and dialects. Modern multi language dubbing is utilized through techniques allowed to reduplicate in various languages as desired. Look for a wide variety of programming that most often will be in a language appreciated by a wide audience of television viewers on any typical day at TRT Turk TV.

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