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Turkish  |  News & Politics
Those who wish to keep up to date regarding what is happening around them can benefit by watching TRT AVAZ for the most up to date programming that is available. Whether its local news or world wide information the viewer will be kept well informed and enlightened by all the news that is available throughout the day. Politics is a subject that many follow and even if they aren’t especially interested in who is in which office they can appreciate being able to observe what is happening throughout the day. When it comes around to election time many people appreciate being able to listen to what each politician has to offer and compare the promises each makes before they are elected, then be able to see just how well they keep up with their promises. Turks, especially those who live abroad, will be pleased with the documentaries and entertainment programming found on TRT AVAZ TV. The programs are broadcast in a variety of languages including Kazak, Uzbek, Turkish, and Turkmen.

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