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Kurdish  |  Film & Animation
TRT 6 was established on Dec 25, as a multi-language public television channel. TRT 6 is owned and operated by Turkish Radio and Television Corporation and now broadcasts in Kurdish language predominately. Last time TRT 6 begin to air some programs in Sorani dialect. Although it is often accused for an excessive propaganda of Turkish cultural values for Kurdish people, the channel itself features very intense and high quality content aimed mostly to inform and entertain rather than to propagate. In 2010 TRT 6 was made available in the Internet as TRT 6 Live. You can watch Indian Cinema: "Wishes Time", "Dema Daxwazan", Dünyanın Sporu (Sport in the World), Shadow epic “De Li Bin Siya", Stars of the night, "Stêrkên Seven" , Sınır Hikayeleri (Border Stories) and Haber "Xeber" (Xeber News).

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