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Turkish  |  News & Politics
Television viewers who wish to watch programs related to education, news, culture, economics, and sports know about TRT 2 and the fine programming they have to offer and is scheduled every day. The channel focuses on the arts and cultural content but includes many other venues including cartoons and shows designed for children. Viewers don’t want to miss Cinema 7 which provides news on new Turkish cinema releases along with interviews with some of the top directors in the media. Another cinematic program is From World Cinemas which include subtitled films from around the world (every Friday evening). The discriminating view may wish to watch the programming scheduled on Sinemasal for more “artsy” fare (Sunday nights). News is well covered on TRT 2 as day time programming is primarily on economic, local, health advice, culture & the arts, along with sports news. Classical music in the form of concerts, opera, and ballet are particularly popular along with Turkish folk and classic type music and stylish world music. TRT 2 viewers may also appreciate TV series from around the world such as Married….. With Children, 21 Jump Street, ALF, Happy Days, Who’s The Boss?, and Airwolf.

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