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Vietnamese  |  Film & Animation
THVL 1 is the one of the most popular Vietnamese TV channels that broadcasts new movies, documentaries, TV shows and various entertaining content, providing full TV coverage of the Mekong River Delta. The common programming of THVL1 TV Channel as for beginning of 2011 is the following: "Music: The Melody Of Love", "Documentary: Mekong Memoir", "Delta Rhythm", "Vinh Long Day", "DL Film: Out Of Love", "Children's Movies: Family Magic", "Travel Through The Small Screen", "Movie: Tracking Guns", "Visit The Famous", "Time Changes" , "Mini 4 Seasons", "Taiwanese Film: Te Cong ", "Design Or Agricultural", "Lighting Beliefs", "Vietnam Film: Forgive Me", "World Heritage", "Phim VN: Turbulent Family", "Agree Healthy Fun", "Anorexia: Talk To Small", "Beliefs Of Vietnamese", "Golden Rice - Rice Healthy", "HQ Movies: Sexy Angel", "News Bulletins", "Party Building", "Phim VN: The Color Of Love", "The Mental Door", "Phim Hongkong: Heroes In Flames", "Characters And Events", "HD Movie: The Secret Of The Clan", "Cinema Journal", "Scientific Films: Seoul Solves Traffic Problems", "Wonderful World: The Man-Made Wonders", "Four Seasons Restaurant" and "The World".

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