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Vietnamese  |  Entertainment
THVL2 is the second central Vietnamese TV channel that features slightly more entertainment programming than THVL1. Here is the example of common THVL 2 schedule full of cartoons, entertaining series and travel documentaries: "World Heritage", "China Film: Love In The Time Available" , "Cartoons: The Machine 17", "Vinh Long Day", "Phim VN: The Family Magic", "Club Sports", "Melody Of Love", "Reportage", "Phim VN: Shadow Husband", "Cartoons: Robo Fruit", "Delta Rhythm", "China Film: Only In New Registration", "Travel Through The Small Screen", "Reformism: Wild Night Lords", "Lighting Beliefs", "Cartoons: University No. 1 Team", "Phim VN: She Is Reluctant", "To Move THVN", "Television Engineers", "World This Week" , "Reformism: Late", "Club Sports", "Science - Technology - Environment", "Travel Through The Small Screen", "Reformism: Wild Night Lords" And "Excitement".

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