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Sky TG24

Italian  |  News & Politics
Sky TG24 (or Telegiornale Sky TG 24) is an Italian news TV channel being broadcasted Italy, Canada and USA via cable providers and in the Internet as Sky TG24 Diretta (or Sky TG24 Live). Canadian version of Sky TG24 features some Canadian content to make the channel more attractive to the local viewers. One of the most known TV programs on Sky TG24 is FAD and FAD 1 and ½ hours, hosted by Stefania Fiorucci. Other programs feature world economical and political news in various formats: SKY TG24 Pomeriggio, SKY TG24 Sera, SKY TG24 Economia and SKY TG24 Economia Weekend. The channel also offers some talk and interviews shows like Zona Severgnini with Beppe Severgnini and SEVEN, hosted by Franco Ferraro. Journalistic investigations are represented by “Reporter Diffuso” programm, hosted by Marco Montemagno. Travel programming on SKY TG24 is offered by Jetlag short series.

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