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Turkish  |  Entertainment
SHOW TV's is the Turkish entertainment TV station targeted on life-loving, cheerful, bold and pioneering audience. SHOW TV features the colorful range of programs for adult, youth, children and the elderly people: Morning News, Health News, Karabağlar, Life Yemekteyiz, Domestic News, Sports Page, Magnificent Century, Money Live and Paradise Neighborhood. But most of all SHOW TV is famous for its huge selection of modern TV shows both Turkish and imported: Doctors, Family skeleton, Plus 18, Life is Pain, Vow, Balkan Wedding, I Forget This Heart Mu?, Libertine, Cat Door, Nanny, Intruder, Deli Sarayli, Batman Returns, Dudaktan Kalbe, Bread Boat, Serdar Commander, My Best Friend, Es-Es, Ezo Gelin, Thin Rose, South East First Homeland Stories, Night Sounds, Heart largest message, Women Gurbet, Gülpare, Pilgrim, Life Science, Women's wishes, Heroes, Black Veil, Caramel, Hurricane People, Girls Dormitory, Lil Wayne, North Wind, Tulip, Shop Crazy, Angels, Nazli Yarim, Pars Narkoterör, Pusat, Counterfeit Princess, Sharma Lovers, Flower of Love, Sıdıka, Class, Last Choice, Dolce vita, Made in Turkey, Practice Başuma, Inbox, Rain Time, Yanik Koza and Wounded Heart.

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