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Armenian  |  Arts, Science & Culture
We all want to see television programs which entertain us, move us, transport us to other worlds, and even make us laugh a bit. Shant TV is Armenia’s answer to all that and so much more! With a wide variety of enjoyable programs from which to select, viewers are in control of their television viewing day by watching intelligent programs like Perspective, Armenians of the World, and Horizon. More entertaining yet equally as vital to everyday living in Armenia are such shows as Series Dreams, Vervaratsner in the Family, Hay Superstar, and The Del Monte Heirs. Most shows are repeated throughout the day so viewers can decide when they choose to watch their favorite programs. . Plenty of live news programs air throughout the day each and every day. Digital quality makes for viewing which is even more enjoyable and most programs can now be seen in full high digital quality.

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