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According to its website, Seattle’s SCAN TV ”serves the Seattle and King County communities through Public Access TV, by providing equipment, promoting media literacy, media justice and community dialogue as an alternative voice for…the community.” The official language tends to obscure just how well SCAN TV thrives on putting both the community and the access in “community access” broadcasting. No other civic station offers SCAN’s diverse community-oriented programming. SCAN emphasizes features and series by the people of Seattle and for the people of Seattle, and the station substantially has reduced its need for out-of-market programming, because locals admirably have risen to the occasion. In fact, the sophisticated SCAN studios are filled with aspiring local producers, directors, technicians, and on-air personalities almost twenty-four hours a day. Distinguished from other civic stations, SCAN aggressively reaches out to Seattle-area residents, offering classes, workshops, program promotion, and professional support. Consequently, some of SCAN’s homegrown programming has more devoted viewers than other cable networks’ programs in the same time-slots. In March, 2011, three new SCAN programs aired for the first time, and immediately gained rave reviews: Scanned Up Comedy, How to Get a Job in Seattle, and Community Blog TV promise to become “emerald city” hits.

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