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Salt and Light TV

French  |  Non-profits & Activism
Whether you are Canadian or not you can watch and enjoy the fine programming scheduled on Salt and Light TV each day. Offered as a live stream, the programs can be watched any time of day or night no matter where you live by way of the internet, and at no cost to you, the viewing audience. Your host and the creator of Salt + Light TV is David Naglieri and his main focus is on a wide variety of contemporary issues, each intended to be appreciated by the millions of Catholics who have the opportunity to tune in and watch every day. Some of the interesting, informative, and enlightening programs offered on Salt + Light include: “Word for Word” where books of prayer as well as the Bible are taken from the shelf and studied to reveal interesting and controversial subjects. “In Conversation” is a program that features special guests, discusses the core of Catholicism, and its mosaic. And “Hungry for the Spirit”, a live music program that is recorded for later viewing at the Toronto Renaissance Café every evening. Look for these and much more inspirational and thought provoking programs from Salt and Light TV.

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