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Persian  |  News & Politics
For European and American viewers, Iran’s Sahar TV1 may, at first, seem like a series of English-language broadcasts from the other side of the looking glass, so distinctly “foreign” and so radically different from other international media it demands a serious paradigm shift. In fact, if Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) inspires some shock and awe among its worldwide viewers, it has achieved a significant part of its mission. The IRIB website explains in no uncertain terms, Sahar TV1 seeks “to introduce the Islamic Revolution of Iran to foreign viewers as the most significant, influential uprising of the past century by explaining Islam's views.” Where cultures and values collide, perhaps understanding begins. One admirably objective international analyst suggests, “Sahar TV1 is as fiercely Islamic as Fox News seems overwhelmingly ‘American’.” In other words, viewers of both networks must watch with healthy respect for built-in bias and not-so-subtle promotion of political and sectarian ideology. You don’t watch in spite of the bias; you watch because of it.

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