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The cable casting programming found on SFGTV has been granted to the City and the County of San Francisco to enable broad coverage of all things worth viewing in regards to government workings and that pertain to the City of San Francisco. Designed to provide the citizens of San Francisco with access to information on and about the local government, you can find gavel to gavel coverage of Mayoral Commission meetings, Press Conferences, Board of Supervisor’s meetings and is operated by Department of Telecommunications as well as Informational Services or DTIS. Along with being considered a means of public assess SFGTV is in existence to aid the appropriate City Departments with services related to their video production efforts. The program schedule includes expanding of citizen’s awareness about their government which includes boards, agencies, commissions, and those agencies supported by government. Additionally SFGTV vows to distribute and provide programs of interest to residents of the city and county that are of an enlightening, informative, and entertaining matter that will also encourage citizens to participate in activities, decisions, and government services. In other words SFGTV is a public access channel for the citizenry of San Francisco.

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