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Rustavi 2

Georgian  |  News & Politics
Rustavi 2 is the first major private TV channel in Georgia featuring 24/7 programming. Based in Tbilisi, the channel was highly involved in the Rose Revolution events on the opposite to Shevardnadze side. The channel started broadcasting in 1994 raised its funds thru TV commercials. It still has a revenue stream consisting on advertising money, but now Rustavi 2 is the largest private television station of Georgia with about 84% Georgian population audience. The channel is available outside Georgia via EURASIASAT satellite and via the Internet as Rustavi 2 Live. The channel provides both news and entertainment programming. If the news part of Rustavi schedule consists predominately of classic newscasts and live events reports, the entertaining component on the channel is awesome: Rustavi manages to bring the latest American TV shows and series: Who to Be a Millionaire?, David Letterman Night Show, 60 minutes, SNL and so on.

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