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Radio Canada RDI

French  |  News & Politics
Radio Canada RDI is the live stream operated by “CBC Radio Canada” and broadcasting live news in French language. RDI or Réseau de l'information (in French) features diverse news programming: “RDI Matin” (RDI Morning) provides in-time news feed hosted by Marc-Andre Masson and his team; “Le Téléjournal RDI Matin” (The Morning RDI VTeleJournal) featuring global news with Simon Durivage; “RDI Santé” (RDI Health) providing fresh “health and beauty” information with Marie-Claude Lavallée; “RDI en direct” (RDI live) with Marie-Josée Bouchard featuring most interesting world events news reports; “Le Téléjournal Midi” (The Noon RDI TeleJournal) with Anne-Marie Dussault; “Le Club des ex” (The Ex-Wives Club) with Simon Durivage featuring Liza Frulla, Jean-Pierre Charbonneau and Marie Gregory; “RDI économie” (RDI Economy) providing up-to-time world economy news, reportages from business forums and other events. Finalize and summarize your news-day watching “24 heures en 60 minutes” (24 hours in 60 minutes) with Anne-Marie Dussault, who chronics day’s major news and presents them in this one-hour-lasting program.

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