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Spanish  |  Music
RTV Channel, Veracruz is an online music channel dedicated to provide musicians and labels an easy way to attract new listeners by presenting their works to wide audience and announcing the new CD releases. Each month RTV channel showcases limited number of new music videos for worldwide audience. The RTV’s mission is to produce and broadcast high quality television and internet programming. The RTV’s vision is to be the number one in Mexico as cultural TV channel dedicated to entertain, inform and educate through the music videos. The channel general purpose is to bring an attractive programming that generates greater insight into the Veracruz community, giving priority to culture, music and education. RTV presents lots of interesting programs and most of them are own-produced: “High Technology”, “Floor Veracruzana”, “Bar Code Unknown”, “Savory Jarocho”, “Things That Go”, “Cotorro the News”, “He Consejero”, “Legal”, “He Molcajete”, “Young Artists”, “Kayuco”, “In each hole”, “More Culture”, “Plan Inverse”, “Rewind”, “Nuestra Earth”, “Three Sad Tigers”, “Usted In This Land”, “Veracruz Agriculture”, “Veracruz to the Natural”, “Heche in Veracruz”, “Accents”, “Dulce Language”, “Profiles”, “Medical Magazine”, “Theatre a la Carte”, “Monera and Jarocho”, “Tacataka”, “De Diez”, “He Tumbao”, “Clear”, “He Siglo Veracruzana”, “The Chirimoya” and “Trovadentro”.

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