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RTVE: Parana Educativa

Portuguese  |  Education
E-Paraná (or RTVE: Parana Educativa) is a public Brazilian broadcaster, owned by the state government of Parana, which partially transmits programming of another Brazil television station: TV Cultura. The channel is available online as RTVE Live and via the satellite StarOne C2. E-Paraná broadcasts the following programming: Enfoque (The Focus), Esporte Educativa, Jornal da Educativa, Paraná Notícias (Parana News), Programa Tempo de Viver (The Living Time), Programa Willian e Renan (William Renan Show), Com a Palavra (With the Word), Fala Prefeito (Mayor Speaks), Mundo do Trabalho ( World of Work) and Falando Francamente (Speaking Frankly).

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