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Serbian  |  Entertainment
Considered to be a public mainstream television channel for Serbians, RTS 1 offers a wide assortment of programming for its viewers. First launched back in August of 1958 and owned by Radio televizija srbije or the Serbian Broadcasting Corporation, the channel enjoys a large audience any time of day or night and has plans to add HDTV viewing in the near future. Morning viewing includes a morning journal, short news program, a review program regarding what Serbian political parties are up to, economic projects, political talk shows, and one on one interviews. Each day the programming is similar but with different subjects and guests depending on what is in the news on that particular day. Additionally, there will be current affairs program that invites guests into the studio and interviews as seen in Eye magazine. Sports programming also plays a big part of most broadcast days as do cooking shows (Cooking With a Heart), quiz shows, family shows like It’s Time For Babies, and even reruns of popular American programs like Boston Legal, Hannah Montana, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigations.

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