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German  |  Entertainment
A commercially broadcasting television channel, RTL is very proud of all they have to offer its viewers and continue to grow with time. Since it began broadcasting back in January of 1984, on a VHF channel with only about 200,000 viewers. Today RTL has become the largest privately owned and free to view broadcaster in Germany. Previously a Luxembourg station, RTL moved to Cologne, Germany in 1988 and has remained there ever since. Diverse programming helps keep RTL ahead of the competition with shows like A Day Like No Other, a quiz show with a holiday as the prize. Plenty of low budget movies and films, along with American programs are designed to please a wide variety of viewers, and keep them entertained day and night. They have a slogan which is “Mein RTL” and that translates into My RTL, which is how many viewers feel about the channel and its content. Watch for great programming from Universal Studios on My RTL.

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