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Serbian  |  News & Politics
First finding its roots way back in post World War II 1945, Prishtina Television Radio started off transmitting as it could with primitive programming and limited capability (much as the rest of the world at that time). The goal was to provide programming in Serbian, Albanian, as well as Turkish languages to offer a wide variety of interesting subject that all could understand and wish to view as well as listen to. There is an RTK 1 and an RTK 2 and while they attract a wide variety of viewers, between 73% upwards to 92% are drawn to watch after 7:30 each evening from Kosovo and its surrounding area. Younger audiences prevail but the more mature are always wanted for their opinions and appreciation of the variety offered. Programming choices include weekly new magazine formats that are of particular interest to the viewing audience, especially the younger patrons. Daily viewers can watch news programs as well as plenty of entertaining programming that is aimed for a wide audience and offers both educational as well as informative viewing.

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