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Russian  |  Business & Finance
Since September back in 2003 the only source for Russian business news on television has been on RBC TV. You can find around the clock coverage of Russia’s financial, economic, and political events that may be relevant and important. Expect to find interviews with politicians, top business people, expert commentaries, economic forecasts, and business related press reviews offered in a timely and accurate format. Fully trained and professional specialists work on RBC TV and are dedicated to providing the most up to the minute news which is especially pertinent to Russians. But don’t expect the business news and political reviews to all be limited to Russia. World wide coverage is met with partners CNN as well as CNBC and Bloomberg among others, giving a world wide approach to what’s happening in the business world. Whether it’s top stories or a business analysis that meets a particular criteria RBC will have it covered morning noon and night. The evening news broadcasts include a wrap up of daily events as they happened, keeping the viewer informed and entertained as well.

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