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English  |  News & Politics
PressTV is the Iranian TV channel broadcasted worldwide in Enlish. PressTV is funded by Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) and purposed to express the Iranian and Islamic point of view on world political news and events. PressTV is available on many satellite networks and via the internet as PressTV Live. Here is the list of most popular programs and talk shows on PressTV: Africa Today, American Dream, Anti-Semitism Rising, Why?, Autograph, Between the Headlines, Canon, CinePolitics, Comment,East Asia Now, Energy World, Epilogue, Euro Focus, Fine Print, Forum, Four Corner, Hart of the Matter, Hearts and Mind, Iran, Iran Today, Islam & Life, Middle East Press, Middle East Today, Minbar, Off The Cuff, Outside the Box, Rattansi & Ridley, Remember the Children of Palestine, Reporters' File, The Agenda, The Real Deal, Women's Voice, World Week Watch.

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