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Politiek 24

Dutch  |  News & Politics
Politics have always been an intriguing topic for many people around the world. With the popularity of new programming increasing, one channel in the Netherlands has decided to jump in the deep end to provide political commentary, debate, analysis, background, and daily columns specifically targeted towards those interested in Hague political conversation. Programming is provided free over the airwaves in the Netherlands, or via NOS internet streaming channels. The primary language is Dutch, so you should make sure you speak the language in order to understand. The programming is offered free of charge to everyone around the world. For many people, the service speaks of a new trend in global communications where we can use the internet to stay informed concerning political situations from all over the world without the necessity of reliance upon the media that might control the information inside a specific country. With 24 hour coverage of all things politics, the states, Politiek 24, literally meaning 24 Politics, is able to provide a highly needed service to Dutch speakers around the globe by providing timely information on the political process in the Netherlands.

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