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Pittsburgh Community TV Ch 21

English  |  News & Politics
If you value your First Amendment rights you might want to consider what television programming you watch. PCTV is the public access channel for the Pittsburgh community and the local citizenry are encouraged to take advantage of their offerings which include equipment, training, and use of production services to create programs of by and for the locals that are only limited by one’s imagination. Since 1981 Pittsburgh Community TV has been in the public service business, offering audio and video assistance and training through programs and workshops. With its major funding supplied by Verizon and Comcast PCTV also gladly accepts donations from a wide assortment of foundation and corporate grants in addition to generous individual donors. Those wishing to learn about television production can take classes and learn through the workshops offered by PCTV. There are many areas of production that individuals can benefit from, and while it’s not all free the charges (only for workshop materials) are very nominal. The wide variety of programs to be found on PCTV include The Woodshop Show, live satellite feeds of Grit TV, Democracy Now!, and The Shirley Douglas Show

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