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Called PEG access, Public Educational as well as Government Access Television provides a wealth of entertainment and educational viewing throughout the Pittsfield, Massachusetts area on Time Warner Cable. Pittsfield ETV is an Education Access Channel which links viewers with educators and local schools, providing the TV viewer with a distinct voice they can use in the further education of the community. The station’s web site PCTV.ETV A typical days programming will include music recitals, Good Morning Pittsfield, a visit to a museum for something like “The Badoodeaux Strikes Again”, Reach Out For Education, BBC presentations like The High Cost of Higher Education, independent projects incorporated by local high schools, and middle school basketball competitions. The responsibility of being a community television station is taken seriously here at PCTV ETV and we are dedicated to providing high quality programming to the entire viewing area, including those who work or live in the City of Pittsfield. PCTV is a not for profit independent charitable organization reaching its audience with education as its goal.

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