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Local channel 199 is Palm Coast Municipal Access. We offer a schedule including non commercial education and government programming on a twenty four hour seven days a week basis. Through PCMA local viewers in the Flagler County area can view what’s happening in local government and see who and how their children are being educated. By promoting citizen involvement the community overall comes out the winner. PCMA is not a public access channel but rather a venue to direct government and educational information with a schedule that reflects local interests, emergency service operations, and general information regarding local government services. PCMA TV199 is the place to find complete coverage of your local government meetings as well as explanation as to how government functions for you. Many original locally produced and special interest programs are to be found as well as documentaries and magazine type programming. PSA’s (Public Service Announcements) help keep the citizens informed about events and services which are government sponsored. Students with an interest in video production find PCMA the place for real time training and experience. After all, this is YOUR Public Access channel.

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